“Some muscular, eccentric drumming leads Humberstone’s Waltman-esque mood pieces in unexpected directions…..”

The Skinny – 30/1/2017

           ”  …..a special shout-out should be said for the drummer –

that guy’s got some serious skills. “ – 18/02/2013

“…..drummer Owen Williams deserving special mention for his stellar showboating.”

The Skinny – 30/01/2013

  “…drummer, Owen Williams, is a man to watch…”

The Herald Scotland, 28/01/2013

                “A compelling musical synergy also keeps the crowd fixated, minutes of possessed primal drumming/tambourine beating proving truly standout.”

                                               The List, 08/03/2012

                “Drummer Owen Williams provides the backbone..”

The Herald Scotland 01/02/2012

“Masked or unmasked, Williams is a DIY pop superstar.”

The Herald Scotland 12/12/2011

“…a drummer who thwacks his kit around the room like a post-modern Keith Moon who can’t find the swimming pool.”

The List 03/08/2011

“…all are upstaged by drummer Owen Williams, whose regular routine of crawling over and under his kit is lent extra edge by the crammed-in locale that threatens to spill over and fall apart physically as much as musically.”

The List 10/08/09

“In the mirror, drummer Owen is seen in triplicate, blending in with the backdrop like some multi-headed op-art hydra…his Max Headroom style slowed-down/fast-forward routine, guilelessly casual galumphing and compulsory cowbell…The Pineapple Chunks last act finds Owen stuffing his hi-hat stand between his teeth.”

The List 09/09/09

“Mid-set drummer Owen emerges from behind his kit and, literally, crawls across the ballroom floor wearing that strange mask of his. It must be said Owen is one of the freakiest, most charismatic drummers Limbo has ever seen. It sounds like a real cliche but he somehow seems to be channeling the spirit of Keith Moon (when he’s playing the kit that is, it’s unclear whose / which spirits he’s channeling when he’s wearing a mask and crossing the floor on all fours, but it’s quite an entertaining sight and offsets the otherwise fairly deadpan tone of this band).”

Limbo 28/05/09

” [The Pineapple Chunks] were really loose…., pretty psychedelic and had a fantastically odd sense of humour, the climax of which came when drummer Owen performed an hilariously bizarre performance-art piece while wearing a mask and then kept the mask on throughout their finale.”

Limbo 21/01/09